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My name is Nikole, and I am a developer. This is some of what I do:



If your site is down, hacked, or infected, let’s get you back up quickly. I’ll have your data restored, your accounts secured, and your site running smoother than ever.

Membership Sites

If you’ve got the idea, I can help you spread the word. Let’s reach into my toolbox and find a solution that will help you reach your customers and profit from your expertise.


Need to set up a new site? Tired of your current web host and looking for a change? Need fully managed hosting? Not even sure where to start? Your answers are all here.

Tech Renovation

Does your tech have you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? It’s time to find a better way to streamline your business for greater ease and more income.

Totally Broken or In a Bind?

Get fast help now!
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Oh, you thought you were going to find packages here?

I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.

That is why working with me is a little different from other developers or full-service firms. Here is what I do instead:

  1. I listen to your current frustrations and needs. I don’t need the geek-speak version — what I need is the rundown of where you want to be and what you have tried in the past.
  2. I assess your comfort with technology and your level of DIY-ness. It doesn’t matter if you are completely techno-phobic and want it all done for you, or you are tech-savvy and you’d like to be really involved in the process. What does matter is that I know where you are on the scale so I can create a solution that will work for you.
  3. I look at your current assets. From graphics and websites to mailing list software and payment processors, I need to know what we’re starting with.
  4. I get a feel for your organization. Some of my clients have an entire team of marketing people, artists, business managers, branding experts and VAs at their disposal; others have only themselves. Whatever you have to work with, we can make it happen.
  5. I create a plan made for you. I create a bridge of technology that will help you to cross the gap between where you are and where you want to be — while allowing you to be involved in the implementation as much (or as little!) as you would like.

If you are interested in working with me, here are some other things that may be helpful to know:

  • I do a lot of back-end overhauls for pretty sites with terrible code. My average one-time project costs around $800 and uses some elements of existing assets.
  • My average quick fix costs around $250 and includes some instruction to maintain.
  • I have worked with some clients for 5+ years. My average recurring client spends about $400 quarterly with me for ongoing work — but some just come back on an as-needed basis.
  • My hourly rate is $100 but that really doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how many hours your project will take, so I would be happy to give you an estimate!
  • I specialize in integrations and helping various systems talk to each other. For example, I can make WordPress, WishList Member, and Aweber play nicely together, or WordPress, PayPal and Infusionsoft.
  • I often surprise clients with innovative solutions that cost much less than they expected.
  • I take pride in making sites that are easy for the owner or a VA to manage without technical knowledge.
  • I don’t specialize in any one theme or framework, so I can work with whatever you have. Headway, Elegant Themes (Divi), WooThemes, OptimizePress and more — I can make it work.
  • I am a developer — which is not a VA and not a designer. If you need a graphic artist for a completely custom design, I can work with yours or recommend one. If you need someone to make all your blog posts or send out your newsletters, I can point you in the direction of a reliable and affordable virtual assistant.
  • If you have an existing support team, I can help you set up your tech systems properly in the beginning and then train your staff on using them — which often helps you avoid headaches and financial stresses in the future.
  • I am a good listener when you’re frustrated with your tech, plus I love puzzles and problem-solving, so I am great at finding solutions for the projects other people won’t take on.

Questions? Confusion?

Let's chat and figure it out together.
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Who am I?

A mom of three kids and four dogs. A business owner for over 15 years. A graduate of Cornell University. An animal lover. A champion of education. A gardener and plant lover. A science nerd. A tech geek. An extrovert. A fan of good tea and fresh shortbread. A Google search master. A problem solver. A California girl in Oregon. An admirer of summer but a lover of snow.

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