Super Alerts!

Someone once told me that she loved my tech tips because they made her feel like an insider without feeling dumb for not understanding what the technology was.

That is the purpose of Super Alerts!

I’m not going to send you weekly inspirational emails or tell you how to run your business. I’m not going to go on for paragraphs or give you reading times because you’re worried it looks long. Instead I’m going to give you short tech blips that cover your WordPress site, security news, hosting information, and 3rd party tech that you may be interested in.

Unless it’s a SUPER RARE CRITICAL EMERGENCY, you will not be receiving more than one email per day. More than likely, there will be a few a month at irregular intervals, and only when they are needed. There may even be some slow months where you forget about me, but I’ll always be there to let you know when something important pops up.

Now you don’t need to subscribe to all the confusing tech bulletins or read the tech news. You have me!

You will probably get the most out of this list if you are a self-hosted WordPress user such as a small business owner/entrepreneur, content creator/writer, virtual assistant (VA), or designer. (It’s not that you can’t be on other platforms — it’s just that the tips might not always pertain to you.)

Just sign up here and you’re good to go! The e-mails come with plain formatting and can be read on desktop or mobile.

The e-mails will come from, so please make sure you look for your confirmation message after you sign up and whitelist the address (or click “not spam” if that is where it ends up). If you have any questions or you don’t receive the confirmation e-mail, please free to contact me.

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