Your Privacy

If you are wondering how your privacy is protected on this site and within my business, you have come to the right place!

This site uses Google Analytics to track users through the site. Your personal information isn’t gathered during this process — just non-specific information like your IP address, type of computer, what you clicked on, and what site referred you here. Google maintains a site describing their compliance with all regulations that you can browse here.

This site does not use any Facebook tracking pixels.

This site does not use any ads or ad-related retargeting.

This site has an associated mailing list that you can sign up for here. This mailing list is through Mailchimp, which is compliant with all privacy regulations.

When you use a contact form on this site, the contact form is submitted securely using SSL and sent to me via Google Apps for Business. No 3rd party company or person receives this e-mail. The same goes for communications with me via e-mail.

If I ever have to share any of your data with a 3rd party, I will ask permission first. This is mostly likely to happen in circumstances where I have to contact a theme developer, app developer, or hosting company for assistance with a project. I might have to share your login information, website information, name and e-mail address, or other similar information with these 3rd parties in order to complete the task — but your permission will be requested as to what information has to be shared and in what way before it is done.

If you make a comment on this site, your comment will be posted via the DISQUS commenting system, which generally requires a DISQUS or social media account to use. These accounts maintain their own databases and do not share your information with me, other than the display information you have chosen (such as your name). DISQUS maintains their own compliance, which you can read about here.

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