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I have been a developer for over 30 years, specializing in WordPress for the last 12. In that time, I have seen all the problems that my clients have experienced with hosting companies. They often have to ask me for help just to translate what their hosting company is saying, because it seems like no one at these companies can manage to speak in normal words!

These kinds of experiences leave my clients frustrated and unhappy. Their sites crawl to a halt or crash entirely just as they are having a post go viral or right after they send out a big e-mail. Worse yet, I get calls from clients in tears because their entire site went down without warning during the busiest time for their business.

Even when they have servers that are have decent security and uptime, they find themselves frustrated after the site breaks and the host is unable to help, or when they have questions and have no one to turn to. Worse yet, some hosts offer to help but instead proceed to break the site further because the technician is in over his/her head.

You may have never experienced these problems in your business to this point, but the first time you experience a site crash or road bump, it can be confusing, frightening and demoralizing … and the problem is nearly always unexpected.

And if you need more proof, just do a quick search on Twitter:

Hosting Problems Galore

I’ve been watching this situation unfold and evolve over the past few years, and what I have seen has convinced me to start a different kind of hosting solution — one where the solution to hosting wasn’t a simple purchase of space in the cloud, but a partnership between a business owner and tech support that enabled the business to run smoothly and trouble-free.

Sure, you’ll get all the regular features that come with managed hosting (and I’ll tell you more about those further down on this page), but if you asked my current hosting clients, these are the things they talk about the most:

Safety & Peace of Mind

Double Backups

Whether you installed something that didn’t go right or an update didn’t agree with your site, we have you covered. Each site is backed up locally for fast restores if you ever need them, and a full backup is stored offline just in case you’ve deleted something.


Your site and server will be secured by multiple methods to ensure those hackers stay out of your data, and your good name is never tarnished. I analyze the security on each site and tailor it to the site’s unique needs, so you know it will be secured by an expert who knows your site!

A True Team

Your On-Call Tech Team

We’re not just interested in hosting your site. We want to be your partner to keep your business running. You don’t have time to research technical problems on Google or sit on hold with support staff. If you have a question or an issue, you just send us a quick e-mail and you know it will be handled. There are no “silly questions” here — just a team ready to assist you with the technical needs for your business.

We See Management Differently

If your site isn’t running well, we’ll work together to improve your site’s performance. If your site breaks on update, we’ll zip your site back to the pre-update state and discuss what we can do to get the site up to speed. If you’re running a plugin that has a known problem, we’ll contact you proactively and solve it before any problems erupt. There are no confusing emails from tech support with instructions you don’t understand.

Options for Every Need

With feedback from our clients, we’ve created packages based on the ability to expand to your needs:

Please note: New clients are subject to an additional $100 tune-up fee due to the time needed to give your site a thorough once-over.

If we’ve never touched your site, it will take time to get everything safe and secure. After that, it will be smooth sailing ahead!

Need additional coding hours each month?
You can add 2 hours of coding per month at a discount rate of $150 — a $50 savings from the regular rate!

Note: Coding hours must be paid monthly with your hosting bill. Any additional development work will be quoted at regular prices as needed.

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