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These workshops are NOT fluff, lengthy sales pitches, or teaser information.

These workshops are hands-on, detailed action plans for you to get started NOW. [click to tweet]

The workshops consist of video, audio, written content and/or downloads, depending on the topic. They will only be announced through my mailing list, so you must sign up to know when they are released!

I am offering each unit on a limited-time, on-demand basis because I don’t want you to dive into the materials unless you are ready to pull up your sleeves and do the work during the workshop. I will give you one week to view the materials every month, so you won’t need to make a specific time slot but you will need to finish the workshop before the time runs out.

Upcoming Topics

  • December 2012: Creating a Social Media Marketing Promotional Page
  • January 2013: Mapping Your Sales Cycles
  • February 2013: Boosting Your Site’s Marketing Power


With your signup, you will also receive other content and updates from me, including my free guide That Super Girl’s Action Plan Your checklist for a better site tomorrow, which will let you get started in "workshop mode" as soon as you sign up! The guide covers topics such as:

  • Design & Colors
  • Typography
  • Marketing
  • Hosting & Load Time
  • Social Media
  • Navigation & Usability
  • and more!

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