Managed Web Hosting

Let’s make “set it and forget it” actually work for you.

Keep hackers and breakdowns at bay! Enjoy fast, worry-free web service with our all-in-one hosting, updates & security package for small business WordPress websites.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You asked your former designer or developer to keep your site updated a while back, but now you see he/she was not doing it.
  • Your hosting company “updated” their hardware, and now your site runs twice as slow.
  • Your site is loading painfully slow, has frequent errors or white pages when you are trying to load it, or just shuts down on you completely.
  • You’ve experienced what it feels like to wake up one morning to find your entire site replaced with a hacker’s message to your clients.
  • You’re terrified of updating your WordPress software, or you’re worried the site will break if you click update.
  • You have questions about your site’s function or performance, but your hosting company doesn’t have answers for you.

The simple truth is that you are not a tech expert — most business owners aren’t. My job is to protect you from all the things out there that you don’t know about so that your site stays up and running.

What can happen with unmonitored hosting?

  • Outdated sites are the number one reason why sites get hacked. Your outdated site could be infecting other sites or sending out spam without you even know it.
  • A hacked site can cost thousands to fix. It is more expensive than creating a new site from scratch because the site has to be recreated AND you need to clean all the existing data.
  • Automated backups won’t tell you if you are just backing up virus-infected data. I have seen business owners try to revert to a backup only to realize all of their past backups are infected as well.
  • With insecure hosting, securing your site is not enough. Infections can find their way through the backdoors of your server, destroying your site.
  • Many people mistakingly trust someone to watch their site, but later learn that no one was. Do you want to find out that your site is outdated or that there are no backups AFTER a crisis occurs?
  • A down, hacked or slow site comes with many losses — including a hit to your SEO and ranking, potential blacklisting, being liable for other infected computers, financial losses, security breaches, and data losses.

Service Details

Here’s what you get when you put your WordPress website on Managed Hosting from That Super Girl:

  • An Immediate Security Audit to assess any potential issues
  • A WordPress Lockdown to protect your site from hackers
  • E-mail Q&A Service for you to ask questions about your site
  • Triple Backups to protect your data in case of emergency
  • Twice-Monthly Reports on your site and updates
  • Minor Updates for WordPress + Plugins that are monitored by us personally
  • Notifications of Releases for major WordPress updates and new versions of your theme
  • BONUS! All annual contracts get a Free Site Move from their old host!

Maggie Patterson

´┐╝Nikole is my go-to for making sure my site is fast and reliable and keeping everything in tip top shape. I can sleep at night knowing I don’t have to worry about the tech stuff and if something goes wrong, she’ll be able to fix it.

— Maggie Patterson, Content + Communications Strategist,

Why Managed Hosting?

I have built my business on fixing other people’s sites. I have become a trusted resource to business owners, web designers, marketing professionals, and VAs when they need to send their own clients to get their sites repaired. I have seen (and fixed!) it all:

  • Broken plugins
  • Slow sites
  • Hacked, virus-infected installations
  • Bad web hosting
  • Crashed databases

While I enjoy the process of figuring out solutions, I have wished that I could do more for my clients. What if I could help them recover from their situation in a way that prevented any future problems? What if I could somehow save them from having to experience this again? And the answer was born: Managed Hosting. After thorough research, testing, and refining my systems, I was ready to offer this valuable service to select clients who needed to know their sites were in good hands.

Brittany Becher

Working with Nikole has lifted weight off my shoulders! I worry so much less about the state of my website and its health behind the scenes. She is THE person to have in your back pocket when it comes to all things WordPress, making sites super speedy, and fixing code/plugin/responsive problems. She really is "that super girl" and worth every penny!

— Brittany Becher, Founder of

Switch to managed hosting with That Super Girl and you’ll save yourself from the frustration, expense and financial losses of a down or hacked site!

All for only $150/mo
(or save $5/mo PLUS get a free site transfer by paying yearly!)


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from managed hosting and premium WordPress hosting companies?

With typical managed hosting or premium WordPress hosting, you are just a random account for the people that work there. They don’t know your site, your business, or your needs. Their responsibility to your business stops at the server level — if your site isn’t producing an error, it’s not broken to them! With our hosting, we know your unique needs and your website, so we can make recommendations, answer questions, and know if your site isn’t working properly.

What happens if my site is hacked or broken?

You can always e-mail us if you have any trouble and we will either:

  • Restore your site to the last backup point for free (which is great for hacks or accidental deletions), or
  • Help you troubleshoot and fix the issue at our regular hourly rate (which is great when you are installing something new and your site breaks).

The same would be true if we notice something wrong — we’ll e-mail you right away with the situation and your options.

´┐╝I’m on a shared hosting plan with another company. Why should I switch?

In addition to the security benefits above, our clients have had their site become 2 to 5 times faster just by switching. That’s right, with no other site changes, their sites became that much faster just by moving!

I have a virtual private server (VPS) with another company — is your service better?

I have moved sites over from several VPS plans on other hosting companies’ servers, and I have seen BOTH speed increases and a dramatic increase in uptime! Additionally, those clients are now paying less per month for better service for their sites than they were before!

How will my site get on your server?

If you pay for your hosting yearly, we will move your old site over for free AND check it for viruses on the way over. If you pay monthly, you can move the site yourself or we can quote you at a discounted rate for a site move.

Are there any sites you can’t accept?

If your site is badly outdated, has a million plugins, or seems to be barely holding together, we may need to quote you for a site update before your site can be moved over. Once we update it, it should be clear for regular maintenance on our servers. HOWEVER: We do not accept certain industries such as prohibited categories, file server providers, and those selling illegal software or other items. Additionally, if you need to serve a lot of audio or video files, we will recommend a good service for that which will minimize the processing stress on your site.

Does my account come with e-mail service?

Yes we can set up e-mail on the server for you BUT we do recommend you use Google Apps instead, as it comes with many more features and better spam filtering than we will be able to provide. If you need help transferring your current email into Google Apps, just let us know!

Do I have to do anything to my domain to be on your servers?

We’ll walk you through the whole process, so don’t worry! We can also help you with a transition plan that will minimize any potential complications or downtime.

Don’t waste another day risking your site and your livelihood — move to managed hosting for the security, reliability, speed and service you deserve!

All for only $150/mo
(or save $5/mo PLUS get a free site transfer by paying yearly!)


* Please note that high-bandwidth sites or accounts with more than 3 sites will incur an additional monthly charges.

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