This will probably be the first of many posts about Divi, because I’m currently breaking the whole theme rebuilding my site with it. I hope these tips help.

As I was writing my first post since swapping themes, I noticed that the fonts were all very small on the site. After some investigation, I realized that the default font for the site was only 14px… a bit small for easy-on-the-eyes reading. To make it 16px, navigate to Appearance > Divi Theme Options in the wp-admin, and scroll down to the custom CSS box. Then paste in this:

body { font-size:16px; }

You can play around with this if you want, making it bigger or smaller as needed. Of course your font selection will also change what looks readable at certain sizes.

Have a question about Divi?

Feel free to ask below and I’ll do my best to help you!

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