This video is a discussion between Anne Samoilov and Marie Teather about Marie’s experience with launching and the Fearless Launching program. It is a great inside look into the world of running your own business online, and what it really takes. I have a personal connection to both of them, as they are both friends but I have also worked with both of them — Anne through her Fearless Launching program, and Marie as a client of mine during the redesign of her site.

Marie’s Redesign

In the video, Marie talks about her shift from a magazine-based site to offering more of herself with courses, services and a summit. To do this, she had to shift from a site that was primarily magazine style to one that could include her offerings and her online magazine.

You can see the style of the previous theme by looking at the Wayback Archive here.

The new site is based on a theme called Loook by Bloooming. The main difference between the original theme and the version currently used at Worldette is that I did some custom programming on the top section of the front page to put Marie’s offerings front and center, while the rest of the landing page follows a very modern magazine style. In addition to many other small changes in design and the information flow of the site, we added some sign-up boxes to add people to the mailing list.


Worldette’s New Landing

I think this project is a great example of what you can do by repurposing the content you already have. Marie didn’t go back and rewrite all her posts. She just added a few new pages for her new services and then worked with me to change the way the information was presented. This same process can be accomplished with many sites, as the presentation is often more of a problem than the content on a site that doesn’t seem to be working. I am really pleased with the end result of this site and how it now showcases Marie’s work.

To learn more about Anne & Fearless Launching — a program that I have been through and would whole-heartedly recommend — visit The program will close soon though, as the course starts on April 22nd — so if you are interested, go there now!

To learn more about Marie & Worldette, visit You can also read my interview with Marie here: "How She Does It: Marie Teather". If you have been holding yourself back from the world, Marie’s fun course on overcoming your fears and following your dreams — F*ck It and Book It! — also starts April 22nd.

And if you are considering making your own coaching course, sign up below for my next free workshop, where I will be covering the mechanics of doing just that!

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